Prism Insight helps ensure that IT assets are utilized efficiently, saving you money.
Prism Insight modern and accessible design makes IT inventory data easy to find and analyze. Quickly zero in on the information you need!

  Save money  

Know what IT assets you have and where they’re deployed to avoid over-buying hardware or software. Collect leased PCs and monitors for on-time returns, avoiding penalties. Make timely and informed decisions about extending computer warranties.

  Keep it simple

Let the network operations guys wrestle with complex systems management suites. Using Prism Insight's modern, simple and customizable interface, you'll quickly zero in on the information you need.
Cloud based IT inventory management helps with the challenges of tracking local and remote assets
Easily check availability of spare PCs and monitors, upcoming PC warranty expirations, and the life expectancy of laptop batteries.

Stay informed

Your workforce is on the move, taking IT assets along. Prism Insight regularly scans your PCs, even ones that are off the network. You'll know as much about the IT assets used by your mobile workforce as you do about the ones down the hall.

Maintain productivity

You need to act fast when users’ equipment stops working. Use Prism Insight to check availability of replacement PCs and monitors. Verify laptop batteries are healthy for upcoming sales trips. Ensure the right hardware and software assets are ready for new employees.

Know what IT assets you have

Where they are

Who is using them

How they're working


  • Prism Insight takes a business-centric view of tracking IT assets, zeroing in on those that have the most impact on user productivity and IT team workload.


  • The advanced scan agent sends back detailed and actionable information about PCs and monitors, no matter where in the world they are.


  • Prism Insight replaces the complexity of systems management tools with a concise and modern interface that brings actionable intelligence to the forefront.


  • Cloud architecture means your data is current, centralized, secure and always on


Prism Insight's IT calendar alerts you of upcoming events such as lease and warranty expiration dates

Prism Insight™ delivers timely, instantly accessible information about computers, monitors, software.

You'll make smarter asset decisions.