Modern web app for IT asset management

Set laptop users free - don't keep them tethered to a power cord!

Users want confidence that their laptops won’t shut down at inopportune times, like during an important presentation. And you want to stay informed about important IT assets. Use Prism Insight to monitor laptop battery health. It collects battery information during inventory scans and lets you know their status. This means you'll be able to make timely replacements, ensuring that end users won't be left scrambling for a power cord.

  • Laptops are queried for their battery’s current charge capacity and original charge capacity.

  • The percentage of current maximum capacity to original capacity is determined.

  • Based on that percentage, a value of Good, Fair or Poor is assigned.

  • Battery health information is available across all of your laptops.

Don't fret about the health of your users' laptop batteries. Let Prism Insight do it - automatically!

Dasboard pie chart shows categories of laptop battery health: good, fair, poor.

Dashboard widget - slices expand showing the list of PCs with batteries in each category.

Prism Insight - for timely, accessible and complete IT asset management information