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Automatic PC warranty lookups - done!

Stay informed about your important IT assets.  End-user computers are a large portion of an organization’s IT budget.  Make sure you have that investment protected by manufacturers’ warranties.  Prism Insight automates warranty management by querying the various manufacturers for each of your corporate computers.

PCs with upcoming warranty expirations appear in a dashboard bar chart.
  • Get automated warranty lookup for Dell, HP, and Lenovo 

  • Manually override the warranty start and end dates via edit

  • Re-query the manufacturer’s warranty via lookup

  • Renew warranties on Dell computers via renew. The link takes you to Dell’s website for renewal of that specific computer’s warranty.

Warranty information is available to you in multiple formats:

  • A simple grid listing all your warranty end dates

  • A calendar view displaying upcoming warranty end dates

  • A dashboard widget that shows how many PCs have warranties that expire soon

Look up, renew or edit the warranty end date for any PC.

Warranty End property of a specific computer

Dashboard widget - bars expand to show the list of computers in each range

Don't manually track PC warranty dates.

Let Prism Insight do it automatically!

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