IT Calendar

Management of IT assets frequently involves some sort of timing. Use the calendar as a central place to set and see maintenance dates, offline events for servers, software upgrade project dates, etc.


Warranty expiration dates for HP, Dell and Lenovo PCs are automatically added to the Calendar. 

Example of computer tags
Example of computer tags

Example of computer tags
Example of computer tags


Customizable views

Change the default view of computers and software by choosing which columns are displayed, then order, filter or sort the columns as you see fit. If you like the view you created, save it.

Use tags to create your own unique filtered views of computers and software. For example, you could tag certain laptops as “floaters” that are available to travel or other special projects. Tagged items are quickly found using the tag dropdown list.

Software tag examples
Software tag examples

Software tagged for Dashboard
Software tagged for Dashboard


Installed software

Includes the total count of installed software titles for each version. Find information quickly when you're asked to do a spot check for compliance purposes, or to pull counts for budget preparation.


Tag important software assets for display on the Dashboard, ones such as Office, Adobe products or CAD software.

Automatic PC history log

Key events and changes are automatically captured in each computer's history log. The log is updated whenever there's a change to a computer's lifecycle state, its owner, AD group or other attribute. This chronological audit trail shows you the old and new values, and who made the changes.


PC Lifecycles

Change a computer's lifecycle state as it moves through various stages, for example when it's being provisioned, assigned to a user or in maintenance. Add notes about each change for a more complete record of the change. (See History Log section.) 


When retiring computers, you have the option to temporarily archive their data if it may be needed later for regulatory or reporting purposes.  

PC Display/Monitor Inventory

Because monitors can cost as much or more than the PCs they're connected to, Prism Insight gives them their own page. Browse, sort, filter, export and print your monitor data just as easily as you can with PCs.


See details such as size, resolution, model, serial number, connection status, and more. Prism Insight can quickly tell you if there's a large monitor available for a new engineer or designer.

Customizable attributes

  • Use attribute fields for filling in more detailed information about computers, such as their place in the organization chart (team, department, etc.) or physical location (site, building, etc.). 

  • Set general events for computers too so you don't forget about them. Once set, they'll automatically appear on the Calendar. 

  • Assign owners to computers. 



Comprehensive scan data

Prism Insight’s agent-based scan is thorough. Here are just some of the items it pulls:

  • hardware details (e.g., CPU, memory, fixed disks, NICs)

  • warranty expiration date (automatic on Dell, HP, Lenovo)

  • brand, model & serial numbers for both computers and monitors

  • screen size and battery health on laptops

  • operating system, Active Directory membership and role information (e.g., workstation vs. server, virtual or not)

Insightful Dashboard 

View stats about your computers, monitors and software, plus a summary of upcoming warranty or lease events on your PCs.

Use the clickable widgets to drill into the details of laptop battery health, expiring warranties and more.

Customize the dashboard to include counts of software titles that you want to track more closely. Prism Insight’s software tagging feature makes it easy. (See Customization section.)

Prism Insight has the information you need to

make smarter asset decisions.