Modern web app for IT asset management

Treat PC monitors like the IT assets they are!

Programmers, engineers, lawyers and multi-taskers everywhere often insist on having multiple PC monitors. It helps them organize their work and stay productive. Monitors are available in a wide range of sizes and prices to meet workers’ needs. IT departments routinely provide multiple monitors to their end users, but that means they have LOTS of monitors to keep track of!​

Your inventory of monitors can be easily filtered, sorted, searched and exported.

Ready to give PC monitors their due?

  • Unlike other IT inventory tools, Prism Insight gives your monitors the attention they deserve. You don’t need to manually add them – the inventory scan picks up all their details.

  • A monitor’s association with a computer is saved and automatically updated whenever it changes.

  • Monitors that are no longer connected to any PC don’t disappear from your IT inventory. They’re saved as disconnected assets - your stock. ​

Detailed information about each discovered monitor is displayed on the Monitors page. Scan, sort, filter & search.

Prism Insight - for timely, accessible and complete IT asset management information