What gives you peace of mind, protects you, and maybe even makes you feel wise? Your dog was a good guess but no, we’re talking about computer warranties. Let’s be honest. You don’t think about the warranty until your PC is on the fritz. Then you care. Did you buy that extra coverage they tried to sell you?

Computer warranties vary


Limited warranties are offered on refurbished computers. Refurbished systems can be a great buy. Read the fine print on their warranties, though. They’re usually not as comprehensive as new computer warranties.


Standard warranties on new PCs are usually for a one-year term.  They’re great for catching any manufacturer defects or any lemon components. On systems with hundreds of individual parts, that’s important. Computer warranties are especially critical to IT departments that buy and support many PCs. IT buyers need to know their PCs will perform as advertised, at least for a year.


Extended warranties are especially useful for business class computers.  A typical extended warranty has a term of one to four years. The cost is a fraction of what a full computer replacement would be.  When purchased with a new computer, the extended warranty guarantees the PC's functionality for up to 5 years.

Good coverage matters


Extended warranties come into play as various computer components age. Hard disk drives have a failure rate of 4.5% per year on average.  A company with a fleet of 100 laptops could expect that four or five will have hard drive failure in a given year. Solid-state drives (SSD) have a better reliability record with a 0.2% - 0.8% failure rate. Yet a company with 200 computers will likely still have a failure of at least one SSD.  RAM has a similar failure rate of 0.8%.  Add in power supplies, video cards, CPUs, etc. and there are many potential problem spots.

Other ways of tracking warranties have drawbacks 


  • Spreadsheets are notorious for being out of date, error prone and time consuming to update. It's not uncommon to have several versions floating around - which one is up to date?

  • Systems management suites sometimes have warranty dates. But navigating to the information you need for a quick asset decision isn't always easy. 

  • Manufacturers' websites often have warranty lookup tools. But they're manual and not designed for mass lookup.   

  • Accounting or purchasing systems in the Finance department may have warranty information. But they aren’t purpose-built for IT needs and may not be accessible to IT staff.


Prism Insight does much more than warranty lookups


The proactive IT asset managment enabled by Prism Insight lets you make smarter decisions about computers, monitors and software.  It will show you what assets you have, where they are, who has them and how they're working. Keep your workforce doing what it does best.


Subscriptions to Prism Insight are priced to fit organizations of all sizes. Subscribe 10 computers for free - full functionality, no timeout!

Warranty end dates appear on Prism Insight's IT calendar too.

You can drill down on the Expiring Warranties graph to see the exact warranty end date for each computer. 

When parts break down, real money is at stake. Take a look at some typical costs to repair or replace laptop and tablet parts. These figures are for PCs that are not under warranty. (Data from a sample of Lenovo claim records.) 

Prism Insight's dashboard  makes warranty status clear. At glance, you'll see which machines are under warranty, out of warranty or expiring soon.

IT managers with large fleets of PCs can't afford to ignore warranties. They need to know which PCs are still under warranty and check end dates on a moment's notice. Managers often base important asset decisions on warranty dates. For example:

Don't get a black eye ignoring warranty status

  • warranty extensions - is it cheaper to extend a laptop warranty or have parts replaced while not under warranty

  • legacy servers - when is the deadline for buying a warranty extension on them?


For these decisions, it's critical that warranty information is accessible, accurate and current.

  • budget planning process - which PCs are out of warranty? Which are past their planned replacement date?

Prism Insight's asset inventory management excels at tracking PC warranties. First of all, it's in the cloud, so you can do a warranty check at any time, from anywhere, using any browser. It automates warranty retrieval for Dell, Lenovo and HP systems.

Warranty checks need to be easy