New Boundary Technologies Brings Asset Management Out of the IT Trenches

With Prism Insight managers get timely answers to their asset questions without getting mired in IT-centric systems

Minneapolis, Minnesota (PRWeb) - October 15, 20115


New Boundary Technologies, Inc.® today launched Prism Insight™ - asset inventory software in the cloud. Prism Insight provides timely, detailed information to organizations about their computers, monitors and software - assets with the most impact on end-user productivity and IT team workload. Prism Insight answers core questions for organizations so they can make smarter decisions - what IT assets they have, where they are, who has them, how they’re working.


Prism Insight is a modern web app designed to be accessible to both IT managers and stakeholders from the business office. It takes a business-centric view of tracking assets, stripping away the complexity of systems management solutions.


“We took a fresh look at IT inventory management when we developed Prism Insight,” said Pam Erler, Product Manager at New Boundary Technologies. “With the increased use of laptops over desktops in the enterprise and the wider adoption of flex-work policies, computer equipment is harder for IT managers to track. They need a better solution that makes the most important information easy to find and readily available.”


Prism Insight helps organizations stay informed about their assets, while helping users stay productive. Highlights include:


  • Actionable asset details – Information about equipment inside or outside the office walls is always available to immediately act upon. Managers will know when equipment is assigned to a different user, sent to another office or pulled out of production for maintenance. Laptop battery health is tracked so that aging batteries can be proactively replaced – before they fail during a presentation. Prism Insight’s automated history log and lifecycle tracking are invaluable for knowing all important events associated with a computer.


  • Details about monitors - Prism Insight handles monitor information the same way as computer and software information – in detail. Managers can filter and view monitor data with the flexibility they need to take action, instead of just seeing them as generic computer properties.  Prism Insight discovers size, model, serial number, connection status and more. With Prism Insight, it’s easy to find out if a monitor of a specific size or model is available to give to a new user.


  • Event tracking - Prism Insight’s calendar provides a central place to set and see critical asset-related events such as scheduled maintenance, lease and warranty expirations, software update projects, etc. Upcoming lease and warranty expirations are also displayed prominently on Prism Insight’s dashboard. 


Pricing and Availability


Prism Insight is available now – it’s easy to sign up. Subscriptions are packaged and priced for various size organizations. Any organization can subscribe up to 10 computers at no cost. More detail and price quotes are available at Prism Insight's Get pricing page.


About New Boundary Technologies


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